Let’s give you a quick rundown of everything that our Equity Management Platform includes.

Cap table Management.

The source of truth for your company's equity.

Issue Shares.

Issue shares to stakeholders who can accept and exercise them on Fledgerr.

Document Management.

All your documents are stored safely in the dashboard. Access them at any time.

No Notary Costs.

Issues shares without notaries being involved, thus saving capital and time.

Purpose and Values.

See companies Purpose and Values and how it aligns with them.

Two Step Authentication.

Your and company's data require strong security.

Shareholder Management.

Add, remove and manage your shareholders and control and shareholder rights.

Agreement for future ESOP.

Issue ESOP plans without having to register a special purpose vehicle immediately.

Automated Agreements.

Whatever action you take, the digital shareholder register will be automatically updated and needed agreements will be created.

Let's meet!

Book a meeting to get in touch with our legal expert or to get a demo to discuss and brainstorm your plans for your company and show the platform.