Employee incentivization made simple.

Fledgerr's online platform helps you to manage and issue employee incentive plans in the most simple and efficient way so you can boost your business.

Attract, Retain and Motivate Talent

Time to say goodbye to the 9 to 5 mentality. Say hello to involved and motivated employees who share in the growth and success of the company. Fledgerr's mission is to simplify employee participation plans and create motivated organisational cultures, that in turn boost their respective economies and job growth.

Manage incentive plans

Automate, update, administer and visualize all your incentive plans

Create incentive plans

Create and customize different types of incentive plans

Cap table Management.

Easily manage your equity, cap table and sharetypes

Simple onboarding

Choose an efficient self-service or guided onboarding with Fledgerr's team. 

1. Add and manage securities.

Add the share types that you are working with and connect them to your incentives and/or cap table management. Fledgerr works with:

  • Company stock
  • virtual shares (phantom stock), like SARs and VSOPs
  • SPVs like STAKs and Cooperatives

2. Create custom contracts.

Choose between standard contracts or fully customizable incentive agreements. 

Fledgerr offers the possibility to edit and customize our existing incentive agreement or you can import your own agreements. 

3. Issue incentive plans.

Issue new employee incentive plans within a matter of minutes and within a couple of clicks. 

Avoid the classical legal complexity, slowness and high-cost way of issuing employee compensation. 



4. Manage and exercise.

Manage, update, administer and exercise your current and newly created incentive plans all on one platform. No need to get into the usual administrative hassle.

  • Personal accounts for employees
  • Exercise options
  • Sign digital signatures 

Boost your business with Fledgerr!

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