made simple

Everything you need to make and manage your incentive plans and cap table on one platform. Easier to onboard investors with our cap table management; easier to attract and motivate employees with your incentive plans.

Why Fledgerr

Fledgerr's mission is to help businesses provide and manage employee incentives and equity in a simple, quick and low-cost way enabling them to attract and retain employees more easily. This way Fledgerr wants to improve the economy by creating motivated organisational cultures that have the entire company aligned and committed to the purpose of the business.

Make incentive plans.

Start incentivizing your team. Choose between SAR, ESOPs, Grants and different types of certificates to make sure your team feels most committed.

Manage incentives.

Start managing the incentives you already put in place for your team. Automate contracts and documentation. Issue and manage with the click of a button.

Cap table management.

Start managing your cap table. Transform outdated excel sheet management into a professional cap table management and personal dashboards that investors and shareholders love.


Fledgerr legally assists you in every step of the way. From figuring out the most suited incentive and structure, to managing and making personalized contracts and getting information on tax matters. Book a meeting with our legal expert and join our weekly legal webinars.

Set up your participation plan.

Motivate, commit and retain your team. Attract new talent. Whether it's stock options, vesting plans, SARs, VSOPs and more, we're here to assist you in setting up the best plan for your team. No need to hire lawyers, accountants and administrators, save time and cost with Fledgerr.

Manage your incentives and structures.

Fledgerr is here to make life easy. With our simple to use platform, you can easily set up and manage all your incentives in one place. Avoid the administrative hassle and cost of managing incentives. Fledgerr provides you with a digital platform for your incentives with automated documentation, personal dashboards for incentive holders and more.

Cap table management.

Start managing your cap table in a professional way. Say goodbye to outdated excel sheets and get your own digital platform to get a clear overview of the percentages, voting power, dilution, amount of shares and share types. Each shareholder and investor gets a personal dashboard to see information and updates on their equity.

Let's meet!

Book a meeting to get in touch with our legal expert or to get a demo to discuss and brainstorm your plans for your company and show the platform.