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Equity Management made simple.

Fledgerr helps startups, SMEs, scaleups and larger enterprises to manage their legal structure and cap tables. Easier to onboard investors; easier to attract and retain talent.

Manage equity with ease.

Your cap table data is simply and clearly presented. It lets you track new investments and stock option plans in one platform. Fledgerr also aligns to OpenCapTable standards, making it easy for you to share your cap table data with trusted third parties. Simplicity improves understanding, and lowers your costs to manage or change.


The Fledgerr Equity Management solution has been designed with simplicity as its main focus. Resulting in a powerful easy to use managing tool.


Fledgerr's captables align with the OpenCapTable standards, creating easy transitions and providing transparent data about any securities.


Fledgerr's captable takes care of all the calculations that come with issuing shares and stock options. Giving greater certainty to your shareholders.

Simple internationally approved legal structure.

Fledgerr works with an internationally approved legal structure that lets you issue and transfer equity quickly, without notarial fees. The structure allows your company to define the economic rights and voting rights to be assigned to each class of shares and is aligned with OpenCapTable standards.

The Fledgerr solution can also be applied in the Dutch system using a 'STAK' entity.

Let's take care of business!